Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are Some Clients too Weak?

I noticed an interesting comment / discussion on Twitter today where a consumer insight manager who I respect a lot recommended that marketeers need to improve the legibility of copy and increase size of pack / branding as even consumers are now saying it is too small.

This is one of those classic things that must happen during every creative process between client and agency. As a marketeer, this is always a painful discussion...

Agency starts off with small pack / copy because the brand / pack gets in the way of their creative idea forgetting that we are creating an ad to drive sales rather than create a work of art. Client spends time and energy trying to get agency to change etc. If you have ever worked on creative you know the story.

Ultimately it comes down to two things:

1. Leadership
Is the client / marketeer strong enough a leader to ensure that the agency do what they are paid to do - create a piece of advertising that drives sales of a brand?

2. Relationship with the agency
How does the agency / client team work? Does the agency think that there client is good? Does the client trust that the agency will do the right thing?

Too often I see clients get bullied in to making the wrong decision based on the fact that they have not got the leadership capabilities to demand what deep down they know is right and they have not got the right relationship with their agency to ensure they can have a good discussion about it but ultimately, respect the fact that the client is the decision maker and is paying for this work.

But the true test is the consumer - could they read the copy clearly enough and notice who it is from? If they can't then you know you have a problem but I would still suggest that every client should be able to take a call and provide leadership on the decision before a consumer even sees the work.

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